The mission of HootNHoller Ranch is to foster hope for children living with chronic illnesses and their families, by providing a safe, no-cost retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains. Each retreat will be 3-5 days. Every one of our retreats will be designed for specific age groups & illnesses. We want to ensure that each visitor is meeting peers that truly understand & that they can connect with.


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students has a chronic condition

Build Bonds

A Retreat For Children Living With Chronic Illnesses & Their Families

  • Nothing seems as unfair as a child with a chronic illness. Children shouldn't spend their days in the hospital fighting for their lives against an enemy they can't even see. It's hard on families. It's hard on kids. But there is a place where kids can smile and laugh and play, a place where they're not "different" or "sick," a place where they have the chance to be kids again. It's called Hoot N Holler Ranch

  • Animals do not ask to be neglected by humans, but  unfortunately it happens daily. Though there are many rescues for cats and dogs, farm animals are harder to rehome. They deserve to graze, roam, and be loved. Our focus is on goats, sheep, horses, and chickens. The children will be able to interact with these animals through our rehabilitation program learning to interact safely. Unconditional LOVE & FUN!

Hoot N Holler Ranch

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"With God ALL things are possible"

~Matthew 19:26


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